Weymouth turns 400 years old in 2022.

As the second oldest community in Massachusetts, Weymouth played a crucial role in the evolution of New England and America. The story of Weymouth is the story of people and their institutions and actions over these 4 centuries. The story of Weymouth tells the story of America. From the contentious origins of our town, known as Wessagussett in 1622, through its establishment as an agricultural and waterfront community, Weymouth has endured and thrived as community.

Weymouth played a part in King Philip’s War in 1675-1676, when the first Weymouth men fought in war. Our Anglican and Puritan roots evolved into a Congregational community in the 18th century. It was here in 1744 that Abigail Smith, the daughter of the town minister, was born and grew up. It was in her home that she would meet John Adams and together they would change and make history. Weymouth took part in the America Revolution, again sending its men to fight for the patriot cause. In the 18th century Weymouth chose to remain an agricultural community rather than adopt a large scale industrial basis for its economy. It developed certain industries, notably shoemaking, which gave Weymouth a name throughout the country.

During the Civil War, Weymouth residents once again immersed themselves in the struggle for Union against the South. In the years before the Civil War, Weymouth hosted abolitionist events and had Maria Weston Chapman, a leading abolitionist, as a resident. After the Civil War Weymouth continued to redefine itself, notably as a source of labor for the shipbuilding industry across the Fore River. In the Spanish American War, and the First and Second World Wars, Weymouth sent men who distinguished themselves with great valor. Five men of Weymouth earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, a distinction no other community in America can claim.

Over the past half century, Weymouth has developed as an attractive suburb of Boston. Weymouth’s unique geographical location and assets as a town make it a location in the Boston area increasingly valued for its quality of life. Weymouth400 will commemorate and celebrate Weymouth’s unique 400 year story through historical programs to teach our unique and varied history through celebrations of Weymouth’s trials and achievements over 400 years. Over the next 4 years, we will highlight our community history and values through events and commemorations. We seek volunteers to become involved to donate time and resources to this effort to acknowledge the unique story of our community.

Join us as Our Story Continues…