Weymouth 400’s Summer 2021 Food Truck Fridays

This summer Weymouth 400 hosted Food Truck Fridays at Weymouth High School. The event took place every Friday evening from June 11, 2021 to August 27, 2021. During Food Truck Fridays, Weymouth residents were able to get out of the house, eat new and exciting foods, listen to live music, play games, and meet their fellow neighbors.
While Food Truck Fridays have ended for 2021, next year they will resume to celebrate Weymouth’s 400th anniversary. For 2022, Food Truck Fridays will run from May to September. As part of Weymouth 400’s “Experience Our Villages” theme, each month a different Weymouth village will host Food Truck Fridays:
  • May: Jackson Square (Zip Code 02189)
  • June: Columbian Square (Zip Code 02190)
  • July: Bicknell Square  (Zip Code 02191)
  • August: Weymouth Landing  (Zip Code 02188)
  • September: Town Hall/Historical Civic Center
2021’s last Food Truck Friday went from 5pm to 8pm. While the temperature earlier in the day had been very hot, by 5pm the weather was perfect for any outdoor event.
Food Truck Friday consisted of seven food trucks, live music from the band B-Side Charlie, games such as basketball and cornhole, a meet and greet with Paw Control and face painting courtesy of Characters by Jen, and a small classic car show by Weymouth’s Spindles Auto Club. Visitors also had the option of purchasing official Weymouth 400 merch at the 3A Gear Booth.
(Pictured Above: B-Side Charlie Cover Band)
The food trucks attending the last Food Truck Friday of 2021 were:
  • Thyme Traveling Food Truck
  • Ellie’s Treats
  • Mama Deb’s Food Truck, Kitchen and Meals to Go
  • Away Café
  • González Food Truck
  • Trolley Dogs
  • Mom On the Go Food Truck
2021’s final Food Truck Friday had the perfect family friendly environment. There were plenty of things to do and lots of space for children to play and make new friends. After the past seventeen months we’ve had thanks to the pandemic, it was a fantastic space to give all attendees a chance for a small return to normalcy.
I know I was certainly grateful for the opportunity!
I arrived at the Food Truck Friday at around 5:45pm. After parking in Weymouth High School’s parking lot near the gold building, I headed over to the tennis courts, where Food Truck Friday was held. There I waited for two friends of mine. Once they arrived, we walked around to see all of the food trucks. One friend and I went to Away Cafe’s food truck while my other friend went to Mama Deb’s Food Truck, Kitchen and Meals to Go. If I had a bigger stomach I most certainly would have gone to more!
At Away Café my friend and I each purchased a half size serving of the Thai basil chicken tenders with french fries. After getting our food, we sat by the maroon building’s stairs until our friend at Mama Deb’s Food Truck got his chicken parmesan sandwich. Then we sat at the tables near the maroon cafeteria. Our food was extremely good. If Away Café attends next year’s Food Truck Fridays I will definitely buy another serving of the Thai basil chicken tenders!
While we ate, we chatted and listened to B-Side Charlie’s covers of various pop songs. They are an extremely talented band and their music perfected Food Truck Friday’s already fun atmosphere. Despite being outside and near the woods, there were no mosquitos. The lack of bugs added to the fun, relaxing atmosphere.
Once we finished our food, my friends and I strolled around Spindles Auto Club’s car show. It was later in the evening when we did so, so unfortunately we weren’t able to see all the cars that attended. However, of the cars we did see, we were very impressed.
Overall, the last Food Truck Friday of 2021 was a fun event and I cannot wait for its return in 2022!

Viktor J. A. Speredelozzi